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Everyone knows that Betcris is the most profitable form of gambling.  Betcris is the only bet in the casino where the customer can get an edge over the house. With the age of the internet, hundreds of online sportsbooks have sprung up all over the internet but there are a select few worthy of noting.  Our staff has personally tested and researched these fine sportsbooks listed below and be assured that they are some of the most respected sportsbooks in the sports gambling industry.  Choose a sportsbook below and bet on your favorite sports today!


Titan Bet Online Sportsbook & Casino is an interactive sport betting site that gives players real-time, live betting opportunities on sporting events from around the world. Titan Bet covers football, rugby, baseball, basketball, tennis, cricket, motor sports and so much more. The site supports leagues around the globe from Europe to North and South America, Africa and even Asia.


One of the greatest features provided at Titan Bet is the "Stats Analyzer". Here players can receive in-depth coverage for each football game both before and after the match. Almost any question a bettor might have on a football player can be answered, and best of all, the service is provided free of charge. Titan Bet also offers Titan Bet TV, an exciting click-to-watch feature that enables players to watch sporting events as they wager.


Trusted Legal Sportsbook!


Bet365 Sportsbook


Bet365 Sportsbook has been in operation and licensed since 2000. Bet365 Sportsbook offers players exciting and unrivalled wagering experience. Bet365 Sportsbook is dedicated to deliver top notch customer service, advanced betting and the most secure and technically advanced systems available today.


Register now and enjoy the benefits of Soccer Live 'In-Play' Betting, Best Odds on all NFL & NBA games, Horse Races Rebates and High Betting Limits.


Internet and Telephone betting, Confidentiality and privacy, Better Prices & Bigger Payouts, Toll Free 24/7 Telephone Support with English and Asian Multi Lingual speaking operators are what you will find when you join at Paddy Power.


Sign-Up now and take advantage of the incredible bonuses Bet365 Sportsbook has to offer.


Trusted Legal Sportsbook!


Paddy Power Sportsbook


Paddy Power their slogan “You Game?” says it all. From A-Z, if you love sports and sports betting Paddy Power has got your “game.” Paddy Power Sportsbook has Live Betting, Money Back Special Bonus, and Best Horse Racing Price Promise. If you are looking for a Sportsbook that is:

• Respected in the Offshore Gaming Industry
• Open 24 Hours a Day 365 Days a Year

• Easy to Fund Online and has Fast Payouts
• Licensed and Legally Operated

• Staffed with English Speaking Customer Service Representatives

At Paddy Power it is easy to get started and even easier to start playing. Experience why so many are leaving their local bookie for the professionally operated Sportsbook Paddy Power.




Trusted Legal Sportsbook!


Online Sports Gambling


Betting sports online has taken off in recent years as internet gambling continues to expand and sports gambling sets new records in terms of money wagered. It used to be that making a sports wager involved finding your local bookie. Now it is as easy as hitting a few keys on your computer keyboard.

How has online sports gambling changed the sports gambling scene? Up until the 1990’s Las Vegas dominated the sports gambling arena because it was the only major place that accepted sports wagers. With the rise of the internet, that all changed. Sportsbooks located offshore in Costa Rica and the Caribbean could offer the same things that Las Vegas offered, and make it all available on the internet. The sports bettor just needed to send money to the sportsbook offshore, and he was in business. It was now easier to bet sports on the internet than it was through your local bookie. And on top of all that, the offshore sportsbooks had better odds and bonuses. Once the word got out that these sportsbooks could be trusted and that your money was safe, the money flowed into those books at a record pace. Suddenly Las Vegas was second fiddle to the offshore books and sports wagering changed forever.

We continue to see the growth of online sports gambling today as  continue to offer better odds, better bonuses, and more incentives for the discriminating sports bettor. Las Vegas is now a small part of the overall sports betting scene and it continues to grow smaller. Online sports betting has made it so much easier for gamblers around the world to bet on anything. Making bets on everything from football to soccer is just a click away.

Online sports gambling will continue to grow as technology continues to advance. It will be even easier to make sports wagers as the years go by. I can see a day when you place wagers by touching your watch or by calling your computer. Technology has made today’s online betting world light years ahead of what it was years ago. I am sure that if we could look ahead ten years from today we would be amazed at the new ways gamblers can bet on sports. Online sports gambling will continue to grow and I am sure gamblers will like the progress they see


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